Track Your Podcast Advertising Results

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Can I track the results of my podcast ads?

Yes. Podcast advertising supports direct response ads. What are direct response ads? Direct response advertising enables you to track results from each ad by using offer codes, unique url's or other means of tracking. In most cases you would tell the listening audience to use a offer code or give them a direct url to order from. Now you can measure how many offer codes were redeemed or how many people visited your unique web page link. A great way to track conversions and check your ROI.

set up promo codes
How to setup promo codes to track ROI

95% of you will run direct response campaigns, which means you will want to track the results of your ad spend. The easiest way to accomplish this with podcast audio ads is to have the host mention a unique coupon code when recording. You simply provide the host with your coupon code and they will mention it on air when promoting your product or service. If you are advertising on multiple shows, we recommend using a unique promo code for each podcast.
Here is an example of setting up your promo codes:
Podcast: Crime Stories
Promo Code: Crime
Optional Offer Landing Page URL:
Sample Ad Script: Use promo code "Crime" at checkout and get free shipping on your first order...
Podcast: Sports with Mike
Promo Code: Mike
Optional Offer Landing Page URL:
Sample Ad Script: Use promo code "Mike" at checkout and get free shipping on your first order…
Now that you have your promo codes and unique url's defined, you can track your results. To do this, simply use your ecommerce system and see how many customers redeemed the keyword "Crime" or "Mike" at checkout. If you created unique landing pages, you can track how many visits were received from your audio ads. With cookies and tracking installed on your web pages, you can see how many CTA's were made (Call-to-Actions).
If you plan on running a number of podcast audio ad campaigns (first, we love you), you may want to consider making it easy for your users to redeem your promo codes. One way to accomplish this is to include a microphone icon and "Heard Our Ad?" in your website navigation. This clearly gives the website user a call-to-action when visiting your site from an audio ad.

Add a microphone icon and "Heard Our Ad" text to your website navigation. This gives listeners a clear, concise call-to-action.
add microphone icon

Make it easy for them to enter in your promo code to redeem their special offer!
easy to redeem promo

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