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We make it easy to find great sponsors and advertisements for your podcast. From the trendiest startups, to cool brands, we work with businesses in all verticals and provide a constant flow of advertising opportunities. Simply add your podcast to our platform and start unlocking your revenue potential.
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Easily apply to our podcast advertising marketplace. Please note, we require a minimum of 20,000 downloads per episode to join. Applications are typically reviewed within 5-7 business days.
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Create Your Listing

Once accepted, our team will reach out to you and help you create your marketplace listing. We'll work with you on setting up ad spots with your CPM/costs and more. We'll also verify your reach and make sure you have all the necessary information to succeed.
Set Ad Cost

Set Ad Cost

We'll work with you on setting costs for your ad spots. We typically recommend using averages from our marketplace that closely correlate with industry averages.
approve or deny

Approve or Deny Ad Buys

You control which advertisers you're willing to work with, not us. When an advertiser orders an ad buy from you, you have the first right to approve or deny their ad request. We want to make sure the advertiser is a good fit for your listening audience.
easy order Fullfillment

Easy Order Fullfillment

Easily manage orders within our online ad portal. Our sales staff along with our great team of ads-ops personnel will supply you with everything you need to succeed. From information about the advertiser/product/service, to talking points, target air dates, promo codes, vanity URL, and more.
Guaranteed Payouts

Guaranteed Payouts

Payouts are facilitated through us which guarantees you'll be paid when satisfactorily completing the ad spot and reporting that episode's reach. Payouts are released once funds have been collected from the advertiser, which typically occurs in 30-60 days. All payouts take place within 90 days.
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Working with 2,000+ great podcast advertisers including:

Mudhook Marketing, Inc
Helix Sleep
Duke Cannon

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Apply for our Marketplace (minimum 20,000 downloads per episode)

Get started by filing out our application. We'll review your application in 5-7 business days. Be sure to have your RSS feed, iTunes url, and a screenshot from your hosting provider verifying your reach. Start Now
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When approved, we'll work with you on creating your marketplace listing. Once setup, you'll start receiving advertising inquiries/buys from advertisers. We'll send you all the information necessary to succeed. Note, it may take a month or two before you see your first ad buy so please be patient with us.
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Receive Ad Buys

Complete the Ad and Get Paid

After you successfully complete and publish the ad, we'll ask you to report how many downloads your episode received post 30-days. Once this has been completed, the system will queue your payout to be paid for that spot via Payal, Check, or ACH.
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How much money can I make?

This depends on many factors including: Your podcast reach, audience demographics, category/content of your show, publishing frequency, social media following, and more. Most podcasts are seeing $18-20 CPM for 30 second spots and $25 CPM for 60 second spots.
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What costs are involved?

Once accepted into our podcast partner program, we split the ad revenue with you 70/30 you keeping 70%. No additional fees are required.

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What information is required to Apply?

  • Name & Email
  • Podcast Title
  • RSS Feed Url
  • iTunes Url
  • Number of downloads per episode (20,000 minimum required)
  • Total number of downloads per month
  • A screenshot from your hosting provider verifying your downloads
  • IAB Certified Hosting Provider

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