Frequently Asked Questions for Podcasters

How much money can I make from sponsors?

This really depends on many different variables, primarily how many downloads/listeners your podcast has. In a traditional sense, most podcasters are seeing around $18-$25 CPM for audio ads they live read during their podcast. But if you have a niche, engaged, and targeted audience, they will probably be willing to pay more. We suggest when starting fresh, you list your ad spots on the low-side to test the market and demand for your podcast. Once you find an active demand, you can always raise your prices.

Try our podcast advertising calculator to see how much you could make.

Does it cost anything to list my podcast? Do you charge a commission?

Our service is FREE to list your podcast. We charge a 30% commission fee for any ad spots sold on our platform. For instance; you list and sell a spot for $100, we keep $30, you net $70.

Is podcast advertising right for my podcast?

We recommend that you have at least 10 episodes published and ideally 20,000 or more listeners per episode before you seek sponsors.

What can I do if my podcast doesn't have 20,000 listeners per episode?

Please click here to learn about Libsyn's Auto Ads program.

When do I get paid and what are my payout options?

You get paid 30-days after the ad spot is marked completed and you've reported the reach on that episode. You can choose to receive your payouts via PayPal, ACH transfer, or check.

Can I use your service to sell just a few ad spots?

Yes; some publishers use our service to fill last minute remaining empty spots. We're here to help you sell 100% of your ad inventory.

Do I have to claim the earnings I make on my taxes?

You will need to claim your earnings if you make over $600.00 for the year. Then consult with your tax professional about submitting a 1099 Form.

How do advertisers find and reserve my ad spots?

Advertisers reserve ad spots directly from our online marketplace or work with our internal sales team.

I'm new to podcast advertising. Is this a good platform to get started with?

Absolutely. Our platform walks you through the entire podcast advertising process and we bring the advertisers to you.

Do I need to change podcast hosting providers to list my podcast on Libsyn Ads?

Nope. You keep your podcast host. We want to make this as easy as possible.

What if I already have advertisers or partnered with a different ad network?

That's fine with us, we are non-exclusive. You can still use our service in conjunction with another company. Just make sure it doesn't violate their Terms of Service.

What is the average CPM I can expect and how does this compare to other advertising channels?

Right now the market is seeing around $18-$25 CPM's for live podcast ad reads.

What if I don't care for an advertiser that orders one of my ad spots?

You have the first right of refusal. When an advertiser orders a spot from you, simply reject it if it's something you don't want to pursue.

Can I list more than one podcast in my account?

Absolutely. We built the system to accommodate multiple podcasts under one account. Great for podcast networks.

Podcast Advertising Terms Glossary

Understand the latest lingo in regards to podcast advertising - Podcast Advertising Glossary.

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