Podcast Show Notes Template

Here is a template you can use when crafting your podcast show notes.

Benefits of Podcast Show Notes

  • Provides a quick summary of your episode to listeners so they can decide whether they want to listen to that episode or not.
  • Outlines the more popular topics discussed.
  • Provides more information to the items discussed such as photos, videos, and links.
  • Attracts and educates new listeners browsing your website.
  • Great for SEO! Helps with your overall domain authority which will increase your search engine rankings.
  • Great additional way to mention that episode's advertisers/sponsors. Give them some extra love and link to their offer page.
  • Great for telling advertisers how to advertise and support your show.
  • Cross promote other episodes in your back-catalog and get more listens.

Here is a podcast show notes template we created
Feel free to use this for your podcast show notes

Here is a template of what it will look like when used in the Apple Podcast Player

Podcast show notes are a great way to provide extra value to your listeners, future listeners, and your advertisers.


After you create show notes for a particular episode, make sure your listeners know how to find them. You can say something like this at the very end of your episode:
"For more information or resources about this episode, please visit yourshownotespage.com. If you love our show, be sure to leave a review. We personally read each one.
And once again we'd like to thank our sponsors A, B, and C for supporting this episode.
Do you have a product or service you think our audience would love...consider podcast advertising! You can find a link in the show notes where you can learn more and work with the good folks from Libsyn Ads...plus you're supporting the show!"