Frequently Asked Questions for Podcast Advertisers

What is podcast advertising?

Podcast advertising is when you advertise your brand/company on a podcast (audio show downloaded or streamed for the internet). In most cases, the podcast host will endorse your brand with a live read 60 second audio ad during the beginning or middle part of their show. The audio ad contains information about your product/service, any personal experiences the host has with your product, where listeners can order, coupon codes, and more. Podcast advertising is seeing some of the highest ROI in the digital advertising industry and is growing quickly. Here are the top reasons why you should be advertising on podcasts.

I'm new to podcast advertising, is this a good place to start?

Absolutely. A lot of new advertisers start with a smaller campaign budget and purchase sponsorship ad spots from 3-5 podcasters. Libsyn Ads is a great way to create a test campaign and familiarize yourself with podcast advertising. Once you get comfortable on how the process works and start seeing results, you can increase your campaign budget and start driving in more leads and sales.

How much does a podcast ad spot cost?

Most ad spots cost between $100-$500. But some publishers charge more than $2,000. You'll be sure to find spots that match your budget and marketing objective.

Do you charge a commission fee?

Yes, we charge a 30% commission fee, but this does not affect you. It is covered by the podcaster.

How do I find podcasts that best suit my brand?

We first recommend that you choose a main category from the top navigation bar. Next you can filter listings by choosing your ad budget, potential reach, and more. Now carefully read through each podcast listing and see which podcasts best suit your company/brand.

How do I track the results of my campaign?

This can be done with direct response ads. What are direct response ads? Direct response advertising enables you to track results from each ad by using promo codes, unique url's or other means of tracking. In most cases you would tell the listening audience to use a promo code or give them a direct url to order. Now you can measure how many promo codes were redeemed or how many people visited your unique link. A great way to track conversions and check your ROI.

When does my credit card get charged?

We authorize your credit card when you checkout, but these funds are instantly released back to your card. You won't be charged until the podcaster accepts the order, at which time you will be charged for the full order.

What is the average CPM rate for podcast advertising?

Average CPM values vary from one podcast to the next. Current podcast advertising CPM levels are around $18-$25 CPM.

What happens if I don't care for the ad?

We encourage you to communicate with the podcaster to work things out. Explain in detail what you're not satisfied with and most likely they'll be happy to help. If you're still not satisfied, please contact us.

What is the average turnaround time from ordering to publishing the ad?

Most ad spots are published in 7-10 days. You can request dates farther into the future if need be.

Does your platform support programmatic ad insertion technology?

Advertisers are seeing outstanding results from "live read" ad types that are performed by the podcast host themselves and we are focused on these live reads. We are adding programmatic capabilities for some of the podcasts on our platform however.

We are an advertising agency. Will your platform work for us?

Absolutely. If you're an advertising agency, we would love to work with you. We've streamlined the ordering process and make it easy for you to manage multiple campaigns under one account. Say good-bye to your crazy Excel sheets.

Podcast Advertising Terms Glossary

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