Better than radio ads, local podcast ads. Targeted. Measurable. Effective. Easy to get started!

Podcast advertising is now an incredible marketing solution for local companies like yours!

Recent technology developments have enabled advertisers to target their ad locally on an even more granular level based on demographics, interests and behaviors. As opposed to the more shotgun approach taken in TV and radio advertising, podcast ads can now be highly targeted for example to females, aged 35-44 who have children and an interest in gourmet food. Or IT decision-makers in businesses over 50 people. You might be thinking...really? seriously? Yes, it's true. We now have the ability to leverage third party data sources to know who our listeners are on a very detailed level and only deliver your messaging to those specific audiences. No more wasting your money on listeners that don't meet your target audience profile.

You can now can target local geo audiences based on the following:

city City
state State
zip Zip
dma DMA
lattitude/longitude Lat/Long
poi POI

Furthermore, you can target additional variables such as:

Demographics Demographics
Genre/Category Genre/Category
Behavioral Behavioral

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Just like radio, you can also define your campaign run dates/times.

So if you want your local podcast ad to start the Friday before Labor Day Weekend and run up to midnight on labor day, we can certainly do this. And another great thing with local podcast advertising is you don't need to worry about what time of the day will my ad run anymore -- Will I catch the commuters going to work? How about the commuters on the drive home? Lunch break? The cool thing with podcast advertising is we guarantee you'll hit the amount of impressions you order! Radio has to plug in your ad at peak times of the day so they can get closer to the number of people they say they're going to reach. We guarantee your reach and you only pay for the impressions served in that time period.

Popular campaign run dates

We can run any flight dates, just tell us the start time/day and end time/day.
stop watch
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Independence Day Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Week leading up to Easter
stop watch
  • Week leading up to Black Friday
  • Black Friday
  • Week leading up to Christmas (last minute shoppers)
  • New Year's Day Specials

What podcast players/catchers will play my ad?

Apple, Spotify, Overtime, Google, Play, and all other popular podcast apps.
podcast players

Why Should I Consider Podcasts Over Radio to Reach a Local Audience?

The answer here really boils down to two factors - measurement and audience.
First, in the radio industry, audience measurement is done in a rather archaic fashion using paper log books and a small sampling of audience to figure out who is listening. In the last year or so, the podcast industry has standardized on a set of metrics governed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) which provides advertisers with extremely accurate data around audience reach. As opposed to a radio audience estimate, podcasts can provide real hard data around reach, so brands know their message was actually delivered!
Second, as radio audiences age and younger consumers in their 20's, 30's and 40's forgo traditional media for subscription on-demand services, streaming and podcasts, this highly sought-after audience becomes increasingly more difficult to reach via paid channels. Podcast advertising allows marketers to tap into this audience in a highly-personal, highly-engaging medium that has been shown to deliver strong results for brands.




How does Measurement Work?

Measured to the exact impression count and most hosting company's today measure reach the same because of new IAB standards. No waste, no underagges/overrages, you get exactly what you pay for. You order 25k impressions, we deliver 25k impressions of your ad. Period!
Mail-out paper surveys with a $1 bill attached to encourage you to fill-out. Very small sampling size which may skew overall consensus.. These limited survey results give the radio station a better idea as to how many listeners are listening and at what times of the day, but very vague.

Audience Profile - Radio versus Podcast Listeners

Average Age: 25-50
Average HH Income: $100k+
Purchasing Power: 9/10
Listening Engagement: Active (Lean In)
Average Age: 35-70
Average HH Income: $40k-70k
Purchasing Power: 5/10
Listening Engagement: Passive

What types of local business is podcast advertising a good fit for?

Auto Dealers Auto Dealers
Restaurants Restaurants
Insurance Insurance
Lawyers Lawyers
Landscaping Landscaping
RV/Recreational RV/Recreational
Dentists Dentists
Home Improvement Home Improvement
Auto Repair Auto Repair

How do I get started? What kind of budget is required?

We make it easy to get started. Simply complete the form below and a local podcast ad representative will reach out to you for a free consultation. Available monthly impressions will vary depending on your targeting criteria.