Raoul Pal: The Journey Man

Embark on a riveting journey through the interconnected worlds of cryptocurrency, the exponential age, and macroeconomics with Raoul Pal, the CEO and Co-Founder of Real Vision. 'Raoul Pal: The Journey Man' synthesizes the essence of Raoul's previous shows into a compelling blend of insights, conversations, and explorations. From interviewing key players in the crypto industry on 'Raoul Pal Adventures in Crypto' to delving into the tech and AI revolution in 'The Exponential Age,' and finally uncovering the profound layers of macroeconomics in 'Raoul Pal Journey Man,' this new podcast offers listeners a panoramic view of the modern financial landscape. Tune in to be part of a visionary quest for understanding, innovation, and discovery in the ever-evolving global economy. Brought to you by Real Vision.
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