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The Untitled Linux Show covers the week's hottest Linux news for desktop, gaming, and even enterprise. ULS is the weekly update you don't want to miss, from the latest kernel development to the updates on your favorite apps! Each episode finishes with a killer command line tip from each host.

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Host Name: Jonathan Bennett
Host Residence Country: United States
It's unclear what started Jonathan Bennett down the open source/hacker path. He’s old enough to remember the time before common access to the internet but young enough to have grown up with internet access. Regardless, as a teenager, he installed Fedora Core on his laptop and never looked back. The years since have made Jonathan into quite the jack-of-all-trades, though he prefers to call himself a Renaissance man. Whether using a compiler, a welder, soldering iron, 3D printer, or table saw,
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English (US)
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1-1.5 Hours

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